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Sourcerer, n. (mythical). A proto-wizard, a doorway through which new majik may enterr the world, a wizard not limited by the physical capabilities of hys own bodie, not by Destinie, nor by Deathe. It is written that there once werre sourcerers in the youth of the world but not may there by nowe and blessed be, for sourcery is not for menne and the return of sourcery would mean the Ende of the Worlde... If the Creator hadd meant menne to bee as goddes, he would have given them wings. SEE ALSO: thee Apocralypse, the legende of thee Ice Giants, and thee Teatime of the Goddes.
       -Casplock's Compleet Lexicon of Majik with Precepts for the Wise

Coin is the most recent, and hopefully the last, of the Discworld's Sourcerers, born a wizard's eighth son. He is, in fact, the reason wizards are forbidden to breed. In appearance, he is a small blond kid, only about ten, but with a rather creepy demeanor of someone much older and more experienced. His eyes are brown, shading to gold in the right light.

He is from Terry Pratchett's Discworld, specifically Sourcery. I did not write it, and I certainly don't have any rights to it or to the image of Nathan Gamble. This is all in good fun.

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apocryphal apocalypses, puissance, sleeping on eggs, sourcery, wizarding supremacy
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